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Belt Weigh Scale Appears Material Scattering Problem Under What Circumstances And How To Solve
author:admin    Released:2014-10-23 17:29:17

As the saying goes:an antidote against the disease;indeed,if can not find the cause,how will solve the problem?The same is true for the mechanical equipment,only to find out where the problem,then can have reasonable solutions.Belt weigh scale equipment is mainly used for measuring equipment,the belt conveyor is used to match with belt weigh scale,and which is also can be referred to as "belt".So under what circumstances belt weigh scale occur material scattering problem?And how to solve?


Firstly,reprint point will occur material scattering problem.


Reprint point is prone to occur that the materials spread to belt weigh scale materials off to hopper,chute,etc.,these are all very dangerous situations,and it needs to operate carefully.


Secondly,concave belt hanging will occur material scattering problem.


When the concave curvature radius is small,the belt will attack,and the belt trough happening change at this time,due to the belt has come trough idlers group,the individual groove angle becomes smaller,so that the local material sprinkled into it.Thus,in the design stage of belt weigh scale,it should take larger concave curvature radius to prevent the onset of such conditions.


Thirdly,when belt weigh scale deviate will occur material scattering problem.


This is a problem that often happened.And the belt deviation is due to that the height of two sides change when the belt is running,one side is high,and the other side is low,then the materials spread out from the low side,and the processing method is to adjust the deviation of belt weigh scale timely.