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Nanjing Sanai Industrial Automation Co. Ltd is a Chinese company specialized in weighing control and automation for industrial operations. Since its foundation in 1992, Nanjing Sanai has established itself as a leader in design, manufacture and implementation of weighing and control solutions in the Chinese market. Our client portfolio contains some of the world’s largest organizations in areas such as metallurgy, mining, thermal power, port operation, cement and chemical industries.

Here in Nanjing Sanai, we believe our strength lies in our commitment to technological innovation, accumulation of technical experience, and a relentless pursuit of accuracy and reliability. We strive to build high quality instruments that satisfy our customers’ demand in precision measurement.

Our belt weighing instruments - the SA-600, the A3 and the Z-600 are the results of significant investment in R&D, and time and energy from our team of researchers and technicians. Our NSM Belt Weigher Test Centre is the most sophisticated belt weigher testing facility in the world. It is capable of replicating wide-ranging variables from industrial sites in the controlled, measureable environment of the laboratory.

Nanjing Sanai designs all of its instrument components. We manufacture our own electronics and weigh frames to accommodate specific customer demands. Our loadcells are manufactured by top-tier international companies on commission of our own patented designs. Nanjing Sanai currently holds over 15 patents internationally.

Due to Nanjing Sanai’s contribution in development in weighing technology, we have been involved in national and international standard setting. Nanjing Sanai actively participated in pushing for the recognition of higher accuracy class, and inclusion of durability requirement in the new OIML R50 standard. Nanjing Sanai is also a member of the standing committee of the Chinese Weighing Instrument Association.

Nanjing Sanai’s reputation for providing accurate and reliable equipment has helped its expansion in the overseas market. Our sales reach as far as the EU, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East. We believe in developing the international market for the future of the business, and strive to broaden our global reach with our international partners.