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The Stress Of The Spatial Position When Installing Belt Scale
author:admin    Released:2014-11-03 16:55:36

When installing belt scale,it should meet certain space requirements,reserve the appropriate space for repair and maintenance,in order for the later work.Then what do the specific requirements?Have a look with me below.


1、The longitudinal centre of belt scale material receiving section shoud be coincident with the center line of the feed bin,bulk material flow naturally should be evenly distributed on both sides of the center line of belt scale material receiving section,materials in the belt scale by segment centerline and press material flow direction away from the subject before and after the feed section 5cm distance.


2、When using the disk disk supply method,the disc discharge gap is not more than 200mm,while the disk is not in contact with any part of the scale body.


3、The bottom of belt scale away from the main belt is not less than 300mm,and install stream output chute to ensure the materials distribute in the center of the main belt.


4、When using the drag feeder mode,it should not contact with the belt when feeding,the lower belt retained 5mm or 2 to 3 times the normal distance of material diameter.