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How To Repair The Different Problems Of Belt Weigher
author:admin    Released:2014-10-29 16:51:58

The dynamic zero of belt weigher will greatly change every day,this is probably due to the belt appeared in doubt;or perhaps it may because that the sensor is not as expected in the calibration time.Belt weigher will test the dynamic zero after working fifteen seconds.


The repeatability of hanging code calibration for belt weigher is poor,this is mainly because in the process of installing belt weigher,it can view excellently whether it is smooth,and check whether the nut is tight.


The linearity of the measurement system is difference,to determine whether the appearance of rendered damage is due to the use of inappropriate methods or the overloading through the characteristics of the sensor.


After belt weigher used for a period of time,if discovered that the fluctuation of the instantaneous indication is great,so it should check belt weigher itself,and whether each roller part show scroll sensitive representation,and it also should check whether the radial runout has been exceed the scale value.


When the belt is zeroing,the shake of the instantaneous table will be great,and such a phenomenon may be due to the shake of the belt itself.So belt weigher usually keeps within five percent.