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NSM Test Center
NSM test center
author:管理员    Released:2015-03-10 09:33:37


The NS Multi-purpose belt weigher test center is a belt weigher laboratory capable of simulating a wide range of industrial condition in a controlled environment. Designed and built by Nanjing Sanai, the NSM test centre allows standardized, quantifiable and repeatable belt weigher tests in a fully automated controlled environment. Since its completion on 1st May 2008, large numbers of test data has been gathered in the centre, which greatly helped improved our knowledge of belt weighers working principles. The NSM centre continues to provide vital information on how to develop belt weighers with better accuracy, durability and lower-maintenance.


Nanjing Sanai continues to improve and update the NSM test centre. We have added the following facilities since:


● adjustable inclination platform for testing of A3 Mobile platform belt weigher, and


● fully-encased temperature controlled conveyor belt chamber for testing  effect of ambient temperature on conveyor belt, frames, belt weigher platforms and loadcells



The NS Multi-purpose belt weigher test center is capable of the following simulation


● Belt tension (take-up force) variation
● Belt speed variation
● Flowrate control/fluctuation
● Conveyor belt inclination variation
● Eccentric loading simulation
● Conveyor frame vibration
● Idler jamming/debris build-up simulation
● Ambient temperature variation